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9/10/08 - v.9h- Release Notes
  • Added: Kanji entries are now highlighted in purple, and will display detailed information about the Kanji when double clicked
  • Added: Kanji Stroke Order animations for ~1,500 Kanji, care of Kanji Cafe, viewable by double clicking on Kanji entries
  • Added: Search filters for: # of Kanji, # of Kana, Part of Speech, and searching within results
  • Added: As-you-type dynamic filtering of vocab lists (search field added to Study tab)
  • Added: Publish option- easily submit any of your vocab lists to appear online for others to download. Added to the 'Tools' menu
  • Updated: Improved vocab list rendering time (more responsive)- rows remember their height (second level of caching)
  • Updated: Create Flash Card function renamed, remodeled, and relocated- it is now accessible from the 'Tools' menu
  • Updated: Dictionary search results no longer auto-scroll to the top when changing tabs
  • Updated: Only the top 5,000 results for a search are displayed (improves rendering time).
  • Fixed: Resolved crash that sometimes occurred when exporting flash card images
  • Fixed: Post-loading animation is now faster, minimizing risk of crash when changing tabs right when dictionary loading completes
  • Fixed: Irregular conjugations of verbs now appear correctly when Romaji Display is enabled
  • Fixed: Causative and Causative-Passive conjugations are now correct for Godan verbs with 'u' endings

Vocab Lists

Standardized Test Vocab Lists Updated Source Notes
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 9/3/08 Website 2001 Thierry Bezecourt
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4 9/3/08 Website 2001 Thierry Bezecourt

Novel/Text Vocab Lists Updated Source Notes
Onna no Ko 7/20/08 Paperback Level 1, Story 1
The Story of Hachi 7/21/08 Paperback Level 1, Story 2
John goes to Japan 7/22/08 Paperback Level 1, Story 3
The Tale of Urashima Tarou 7/24/08 Paperback Level 1, Story 4
Funny Stories 8/05/08 Paperback Level 1, Story 5
The Taxi 9/17/09 Paperback Level 1, Story 6
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 8/6/08 Hardcover In progress, p1-15

Song Vocab Lists, care of Hetty Litjens Updated Music Lyrics
The Tale of Urashimatarou 7/24/08 MP3 RTF
Katatsumuri 8/23/08 MP3 RTF
Hato 8/25/08 MP3 RTF
Zousan 8/25/08 MP3 RTF

Add any of these lists to your Kanji Go by:
  1. Right clicking a list name above and saving it your desktop
  2. Opening Kanji Go
  3. Selecting Import... from the File menu, and selecting the list.

Have a vocab list you'd like to share? Send it in and I'll post it here.

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