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Release Notes
2/22/09 - version .9o
  • Added: Sorting Options, available from the Tools menu. Available sorts: Date Added, Kanji, Kanji Stroke Count, Reading, Definition, and Reverse Order
  • Added: Copy List function, available from the Tools menu
  • Added: Merge List Tool: Create a new list by combining any of your current lists
  • Added: Preference to show Simplified vs. Traditional Chinese in the Review area
  • Added: Preference to set whether or not the manual Add Word window stays open after adding a word
  • Updated: Includes the latest version of CEDict, with an additional 12,400 Chinese entries (for a total of 82,400)
  • Updated: Searching within results is now more flexible- results can be filtered using the Multi-Radical window, as well as the SKIP/Stroke count of their first Kanji
  • Updated: The build Kanji List Tool is 50% faster (on average)
  • Updated: When Reviewing Chinese entries, all readings are now visible (shown on one line, comma delimited)
  • Updated: When changing languages, the previous dictionary is unloaded, reducing memory consumption
  • Fixed: Certain Chinese Kanji and accented characters will no longer be replaced with '?' upon closing and opening Kanji Go. The default list encoding has been updated to unicode, with automatic detection of legacy EUC-JP files
  • Fixed: Multiline definitions for Russian, French, and German entries are now correctly numbered.
  • Fixed: After using the Build Kanji List Tool, modifying the Kanji entries in the vocab list will no longer also affect the dictionary listing for that Kanji during that session
  • Fixed: Words copied between lists will no longer be linked for the duration of the session
  • Fixed: An error will no longer occur when attempting to delete the last vocab list (if there's only one)
Note: You can also read previous release notes.

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