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12/6/08 - version .9n
  • Added: Icon next to Description button- blue indicates a description is available for the current list, while grey means none yet exists
  • Updated: Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) searches are 60% faster, 'Whole Words' search type is 12% faster for English/Francais/Deutsch/Russian searches
  • Updated: Interval Mode now allows list-specific review, changing the displayed verb form, and shuffling the words due for review
  • Updated: Column widths auto-resize appropriately when hiding the Notes and Romaji columns
  • Updated: Export, Publish Vocab Lists, Build Kanji List, Export Flash Cards, and Check for Duplicates drop downs now default to the currently selected list, rather than 'All Lists'/the first list
  • Updated: Minor - List description area background color lightened for improved readability of descriptions
  • Fixed: Clip-board (copied text) is no longer cleared when Kanji Go is launched
  • Fixed: Interval Mode timing adjustment (Preferences) now affects word timing in a more refined, useful manner. 'will be shown again' date now reflects adjusted time
  • Fixed: Clicking the Description button repeatedly can no longer result in hiding the vocab list drawer's controls
  • Fixed: Row heights adjust properly when toggling 'Display Notes'
  • Fixed: Minor - Reduced memory consumption when publishing a vocab list
11/3/08 - version .9m
  • Added: Automatic Update Checking on application launch. Toggle-able from Preferences
  • Added: Proper Name Dictionary (enamdict) Searching Option - proper name matches are appended to the bottom of search results, and denoted by a black stripe. Can be enabled from Preferences
  • Added: Ability to add custom descriptions to vocab lists (Description button added to bottom of vocab list drawer)
  • Updated: Help graphic at top of vocab list drawer may now be hidden
  • Updated: Exported Flash Card PDFs now have improved text spacing (elements are centered within the three sections of the flash card)
  • Updated: Review area interface renovated (score text removed, controls shifted upward, Adaptive button removed, element alignments refined)
  • Updated: [Minor] Add/Edit Word window error text updated for consistency
  • Updated: [Minor] On launch, the vocab list drawer will scroll to ensure the selected list is immediately visible
  • Fixed: Resolved potential crash when re-arranging lists in the vocab list drawer
  • Fixed: Setting a word's part of speech to 'Expression' in the Add/Edit Word window is now functional
  • Fixed: Custom Word Notes containing tabs are now saved and loaded correctly
  • Fixed: Review area properly updates when displaying a list which has just been added to using the hotkey cmd L
10/16/08 - version .9L
  • Added: Word Magnifying Glass (added to View Menu) to view any highlighted word's Kanji close up. May be resized freely
  • Added: Adjustable search history for dictionary search and vocab list filters.
  • Added: Indepdendent font settings for Kanji and reading/definition font. Font size and family are adjustable from Preferences
  • Added: Hotkey (cmd L) to add the highlighted search result to the currently selected vocab list. If no list is selected, a new one is created containing the highlighted search result
  • Added: Tai and Past Informal Negative verb forms added to list of verb conjugations
  • Added: Hotkeys and Menu options for changing between the Dictionary (cmd f) and Study (cmd g) tabs
  • Updated: Changed default behavior when clicking the Next arrow in Classic Review mode. If any parts of the current word are hidden, they are revealed. Clicking Next a second time displays the next word. Adjustable from Preferences
  • Updated: Enabling Romaji adds a 'Romaji' column, allows the dictionary to be searched using Romaji (Hepburn), and allows lists to be filtered using Romaji
  • Updated: The maximum number of displayed search results is adjustable from Preferences. Defaults to 1,000
  • Updated: Preferences Interface re-organized for improved consistency and ease of use
  • Updated: Double clicking to copy an entry to the clipboard now works from Detail View (Verb and Adjective Conjugations)
  • Updated: [Minor] The flash card directory panel now allows a new folder to be created
  • Updated: [Minor] Tooltips added to Import, Export, Manage Backups, Save, Print, Use Romaji, Display Notes, and Help menu items
  • Updated: [Minor] Default window size on first installation is larger (800x600)
  • Updated: [Minor] Confirmation message displayed when a backup file is loaded
  • Fixed: Vocab List Notes are displayed/editable even when list filtering is in effect. Lists can now be filtered based on note content
  • Fixed: Remove Duplicates tool no longer gets 'stuck' when removing duplicates from the currently visible vocab list
  • Fixed: Column widths are remembered correctly across sessions (including Note/Romaji columns)
  • Fixed: Enabling Romaji on the dictionary tab with no search results no longer causes an error
  • Fixed: Dictionary search function no longer becomes temporarily disabled after hiding/showing Kanji Go
  • Fixed: Verb-stem conjugation of Ichidan verbs and Kana conjugations for Kuru (to come) are now correct
10/06/08 - version .9k2
  • Fixed: Bug where double clicking to copy would fail to work after copying text from another application
  • Fixed: Bug where vocab list names aren't editable
  • Fixed: Pasting formatted text into the Add/Edit word windows no longer changes the text format for the duration of that session
10/02/08 - version .9k
  • Added: Double clicking a row copies its Kanji to the clipboard (or if not available, its reading). Can be disabled from Preferences
  • Updated: Review area now displays Kanji Kun'Yomi, as well as secondary readings of words
  • Updated: Quiz Mode will now consider an answer correct if it contains any one of a Kanji's readings, or all the readings
  • Updated: Review area definitions are now cleanly trimmed to show the top 4 definitions, rather than getting cut off
  • Updated: Remove Duplicates Tool now displays a prompt (along with the duplicate count) prior to removing duplicates
  • Updated: When searching a vocab list, a gradient appears at the top of the list to make it clearer that filtering is in effect
  • Fixed: Restored OS X 10.4 support for the Intel version
  • Fixed: Custom notes now respect the user-selected font
  • Fixed: OS X 10.5 Specific- row heights now adjust properly when changing font/toggling romaji display
  • Fixed: OS X 10.5 Specific- Custom notes may be selected/added by double clicking in the notes column (in addition to hitting tab)
  • Fixed: OS X 10.5 Specific- Custom Review background 'Center' setting properly centers (rather than scaling to fit) the image
9/26/08 - version .9j
  • Added: Automated Backups - easily restore vocab lists from automatic backups. Accessible from the File Menu
  • Added: Tool: Check Lists for Duplicates- scans the selected list(s), removing any duplicate entries
  • Added: Preference to set whether or not vocab list drawer is open upon launch (defaults to open)
  • Added: Preference to adjust frequency of words shown in Interval Mode by a percentage (50%-200%)
  • Updated: Interval Mode Timing Refined: Words that score less than 4 ('Well') are repeated less aggressively
  • Updated: Review area hotkeys to hide/show elements updated for improved Leopard compatibility (1,2,3 -> cmd 1, cmd 2, cmd 3)
  • Updated: The list currently selected in the vocab list drawer is remembered across sessions
  • Updated: If the same word exists in multiple lists, it is only presented once in Interval mode
  • Updated: Search filters for part of speech consolidated for improved ease of use
  • Updated: Export Flash Card Images tool interface standardized to match other tools, and improve ease of use
  • Fixed: Click-dragging Kanji in the Kanji info window no longer scrolls the Kanji partly out of view
  • Fixed: Search progress animation no longer 'sticks' when performing a search within results when no results are present
  • Fixed: When importing a new list, the currently selected list no longer gets changed
  • Fixed: When changing from Interval to Classic Review mode, review no longer advances forward by one word
  • Fixed: The vertical position of the Conjugations window is correctly preserved across sessions (no longer shifts up/down)
9/19/08 - version .9i
  • Added: Spaced Interval Review mode [beta]- words are shown at calculated intervals to maximize retention and minimize time investment
  • Added: New Tool: Build Kanji List- it will scan any of your vocab lists for Kanji, and create a new list with all the Kanji used in the source list
  • Added: Equality filters for # of Kanji, # of Kana- you can now specify 'less than X Kana', 'more than Y Kanji', etc
  • Added: Font used to display Japanese/Chinese text can now be changed from Preferences> Interface
  • Updated: Vocab list drawer may be freely resized, width is retained across sessions
  • Updated: Search filters now reset when hidden
  • Updated: Download Vocab Lists menu item now points to the new vocab lists page
  • Updated: Minor - Graphic added to Review mode when no-words are present
  • Updated: Minor - About window updated to also credit CEdict and KanjiCafe
  • Fixed: Resolved potential crash when repeatedly increasing and decreasing the font size
  • Fixed: Row heights in vocab lists properly adjust when enabling Romaji and changing the font size
  • Fixed: Adaptive Quiz mode word statistics and L2 Row height cache now retained across sessions
  • Fixed: Recently edited words no longer show '<' in their Kanji/Kana fields in the Review section
  • Fixed: Romanizations of small katakana 'i' and 'vu' added
9/10/08 - v.9h
  • Added: Kanji entries are now highlighted in purple, and will display detailed information about the Kanji when double clicked
  • Added: Kanji Stroke Order animations for ~1,500 Kanji, care of Kanji Cafe, viewable by double clicking on Kanji entries
  • Added: Search filters for: # of Kanji, # of Kana, Part of Speech, and searching within results
  • Added: As-you-type dynamic filtering of vocab lists (search field added to Study tab)
  • Added: Publish option- easily submit any of your vocab lists to appear online for others to download. Added to the 'Tools' menu
  • Updated: Improved vocab list rendering time (more responsive)- rows remember their height (second level of caching)
  • Updated: Create Flash Card function renamed, remodeled, and relocated- it is now accessible from the 'Tools' menu
  • Updated: Dictionary search results no longer auto-scroll to the top when changing tabs
  • Updated: Only the top 5,000 results for a search are displayed (improves rendering time).
  • Fixed: Resolved crash that sometimes occurred when exporting flash card images
  • Fixed: Post-loading animation is now faster, minimizing risk of crash when changing tabs right when dictionary loading completes
  • Fixed: Irregular conjugations of verbs now appear correctly when Romaji Display is enabled
  • Fixed: Causative and Causative-Passive conjugations are now correct for Godan verbs with 'u' endings
9/2/08 - v.9g
  • Added: Chinese-English dictionary (CEDict) with ~72,000 entries
  • Added: SKIP search support for quick Kanji lookup
  • Added: Adaptive Quiz Option: less familiar words are shown more frequently, while more familiar words are shown less frequently
  • Added: Third Quiz style: 'Kanji Practice'. Kanji and definition are displayed, and one must correctly enter the Kana reading.
  • Added: Hotkeys to Quiz Mode: (Cmd + leftArrow) for previous, (Cmd + rightArrow) for next, number keys 1, 2, and 3 to hide/show Kanji, Kana, and Definitions respectively.
  • Added: After first installing Kanji Go, a sample vocab list with quick tips is shown (instead of an empty vocab list drawer).
  • Updated: Re-wrote 'Create Flash Card' function for improved compatibility with Leopard Systems. It now creates easily printable PDF files instead of PNGs.
  • Updated: Intel Version Specific: Multi-radical search now displays search results as soon as a radical is selected
  • Updated: Removing a vocab list/vocab word now selects the previous vocab list/vocab word, instead of resetting to the topmost list/word.
  • Updated: Editing a vocab entry no longer scrolls to the top of the list.
  • Updated: Quiz settings are retained across sessions
  • Updated: Online Manual is now up to date with the latest Kanji Go features.
  • Fixed: When a vocab list is moved within the vocab list drawer, it no longer becomes unselected, changing the current list.
  • Fixed: Bug where resetting the Review section background (from Preferences) would prevent the settings file from being saved.
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented Kanji entries in vocab lists from being editable
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented custom Flash Card sizes from being enter-able
8/24/08 - v.9f2
  • Fixed: Drag and drop to arrange words within a vocab list now works as expected
  • Fixed: Changing the verb form shown on flash cards now acts as expected and does not prevent the flash card from changing when hitting next/previous
8/23/08 - v.9f
  • Added: Multi-Radical search method for Kanji, accessible via the Dictionary tab.
  • Added: Setting in Preferences to set which side the vocab list drawer appears on
  • Updated: Closing the main application window no longer quits the application- clicking the dock Icon, or selecting 'New Window' from the file menu will restore the main window.
  • Fixed: Application will no longer crash when viewing some entries with Romaji Display enabled
  • Fixed: Application will no longer crash when performing a search immediately after startup with Romaji enabled
  • Fixed: Application will no longer crash when adding a vocab word from search results to the currently selected vocab list
  • Fixed: Resolved webserver configuration that could prevent .dmg files downloaded in Safari from mounting correctly
8/20/08 - v.9e
  • Added: Basic printing support for vocab lists and search results (cmd p)
  • Added: 'Begins With' and 'Ends With' search types (search hotkeys updated)
  • Added: Conjugations for i-adjectives (Keiyoushi) and na-adjectives (Keiyoudoushi), accessible by double clicking on an adjective entry
  • Added: Color coded word entries- verbs with conjugations available are green, adjectives with conjugations available are turquoise, and other parts of speech appear as grey
  • Added: Option on Export screen to include/exclude custom notes
  • Fixed: Global hotkey to close the current window (cmd w) will now act as expected
  • Fixed: Row heights automatically resize when column widths are manually changed
  • Fixed: Positioning of Detail Window (used for viewing conjugations) is now remembered across sessions
  • Fixed: Romanization of small katakana 'i','e', and 'sha' 'shu' 'sho' are now correct. Added romanization for small katakana 'a' and 'o'
  • Fixed: Quiz Mode will now correctly evaluate definitions separately for pre version .9d vocab lists whose definitions are '/' delimited
  • Fixed: Bug where importing a list could invalidate the row height cache, causing the application to lock up
  • Fixed: Changes to a vocab entry's part of speech are now saved
  • Fixed: Images created via 'Create Flash Cards' will only show a word's first kanji and kana entry, rather than appending all entries together on one line
  • Fixed: Custom Review section font color is now also applied to Quiz Mode's Score box label
8/14/08 - v.9d
  • Added: Japanese to: French, German, and Russian dictionaries (adjustable on the fly)
  • Added: Ability to add custom notes to any vocab list entry. Notes appear in a separate column which can be toggled on/off from the View menu. Double click cell to edit
  • Added: Visual feedback when taking a quiz, varying degrees of judging difficulty (adjustable via Preferences).
  • Update: Review background image and font color are now customizable (via Preferences). Interface re-skinned to minimize verbal clutter.
  • Update: Whole Words search type is now more flexible, and will return results matching search criteria even when surounded by parenthesis. 'Exact Match' search method removed (redundant)
  • Update: When taking a quiz, answer will be compared separately against each of the word's definitions (when it has multiple) and will ignore definition formatting such as '(1)' etc. Matching any one definition will count as a correct answer
  • Update: Scrolling through vocab lists and search results is now smoother/faster
  • Update: All columns may be resized freely- horizontal scroll bars will appear when necessary
  • Fixed: All dialogue windows (Import, Export, change flash card directory) now act as expected when hitting Cancel
  • Fixed: When editing vocab words with multi-line Kanji, Kana, or Definition fields, line returns and number formatting will properly be removed and reapplied before and after editing
  • Fixed: Changes to a vocab list word that had been recently copied from the dictionary will no longer affect how the word appears within the dictionary during that session
  • Fixed: Changed several Kotoeri romanizations to Hepburn, and fixed several conversions. Affects (du -> zu), (chyo -> cho), (jyo -> jo). Added romanization for less common 'ji' characters
  • Fixed: Digital flash card text is now properly centered at large window sizes and is positioned consistently when verb conjugation and romaji settings are changed
  • Fixed: Kanji with no on-youmi (Chinese reading) will no longer display 'null' as the on-youmi
  • Fixed: Verb conjugations will now correctly appear for verbs in vocab lists created by older (pre .8) versions of Kanji Go.
  • Fixed: When switching from Dictionary to Study tab, the last viewed section (View List or Review) is shown, rather than always defaulting to View List. Retained across sessions.
8/6/08 - v.9b
  • Added: Latest version of edict, with 7,000 more words and numerous updates
  • Added: Kanji dictionary w/6,355 entries, along with option to search by stroke count. Optimized loading for dual core processors
  • Fixed: Resolved bug where dictionary would fail to load, rendering the app unusable
  • Fixed: Toggling romaji on/off while viewing search results when no row is selected will no longer cause an error
  • Fixed: Resolved bug where re-arranging a vocab list when there is one or more lists with the same name re-orders the vocab list titles
  • Update: Decreased memory usage when loading dictionary files
8/4/08 - v.9
  • Added: Drag and drop to re-order items in a vocab list, add words from one vocab lis to another, and re-order vocab list names
  • Added: Option to set flash card height, width, background color, and font color (added to Preferences)
  • Added: Ability to set form of verbs shown on in-app flash cards (Te form, honorific form, etc)
  • Added: Ability to edit/alter existing vocab word entries
  • Added: Ability to enter multi-line definitions when manually adding words
  • Added: Option to specify the part-of-speech when manually adding or editing vocab words
  • Added: Hotkey (cmd R) to toggle Romaji display on/off
  • Fixed: Verb Conjugation Window (accessed via double click) now respects Romaji settings
  • Fixed: Vocab lists and settings will be saved even if "userName/Library/Application Support/" folder does not exist
  • Fixed: Te form conjugation of 'u' verbs, Volitional form of ichidan ('ru') verbs, and Humble form of nouns that can be used with suru to form verbs will now appear correctly
7/25/08 - v.8d
  • Added: View Menu, which allows Romaji enable/disabling. Relocated font size settings from edit to View Menu
  • Fixed: Manually added vocab words now appear at the top of lists (instead of at the bottom)
  • Fixed: Romaji conversion of characters 'ho','bo', and 'po' fixed for accuracy
  • Fixed: Re-enabled 'Export...' hotkey (cmd e)
  • Fixed: Review mode no longer displays the incorrect list when dragging a word to a vocab list while Review is set to display 'All Lists'
7/23/08 - v.8c
  • Added: Romaji display option (affects search results, vocab lists, quiz and flash cards) added in preferences
  • Added: Option to set location for saving flash cards (added in preferences). Default directory changed to /userName/Flashcards/
  • Fixed: Verb conjugations will now appear for transitive su verbs and intransitive ru verbs
  • Fixed: Relocated settings to /Application Support/Kanji Go/ so font,romaji, and flash card location settings will persist aross updates
7/21/08 - v.8b
  • Fixed: Importing custom vocab lists that don't include parts of speech will now load the list correctly
  • Fixed: Create Flash Card function doesn't stop when encountering words containing '/' in their kana field
  • Fixed: Create Flash Card function no longer overwrites images for words that have identical kana readings
  • Fixed: Import screen button and title updated for consistency
  • Fixed: Removed typo generated when manually adding a word to a vocab list file
  • Added: Option in import screen to select encoding to make it easier to import custom built vocab lists (those not built using Kanji Go)
7/20/08 - v.8
  • Fixed: Relocated vocab list to /Library/Application Support/Kanji Go - thus vocab lists will be preserved when updating the application in the future
  • Fixed: Formal and Honorific conjugation of the verb 'iku'
  • Fixed: Bug where list view doesn't refresh immediately when importing a list
  • Added: Menu option to download vocab lists (opens in web browser)
7/19/08 - v.7f
  • Added: Option within Export screen to export 'All Lists', or only one vocab list
  • Added: Link to online manual within the 'Help' menu
7/18/08 - v.7e
  • Added: Button to remove words from a vocab list
  • Added: Font Resizing, Available from the Edit Menu
  • Added: Window remembers size, position, and font size across sessions
  • Fixed: Bug where quiz section wouldn't always refresh properly
7/16/08 - v.7d
  • Fixed: No more 'beach ball' delay on initial application launch
  • Fixed: Bug where only the first line of vocab list definitions were loaded
7/11/08 - v.7c - First Public Release
  • Fixed: Drag and Drop of vocab words so that 'drop zones' are correct
  • Fixed: Bug where quiz mode wouldn't load properly after a new list has been imported

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